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Progress in the dry and on the wet for Martí in Spielberg

The Spanish driver made another great comeback in Saturday's sprint race and equaled his best result of the season so far, very close to the points.

Sunday's race was held in wet conditions and this allowed the driver and team to experience significant progress in all kinds of situations, something that will pay off in the coming races.

" I am happy because the pace is good, but in regards to the result I have a bittersweet feeling, we have the certainty that we can be in the top 10"

A weekend of one of highs and lows for Pepe Martí in Spielberg. Since the first practice at the Red Bull Ring, the Spanish driver showed great progress. Both he and his team, Campos Racing, had a very good pace from the start of qualifying, consistently setting times in the top ten. In the last attempt, the young driver's times indicated that he could finish between fifth and tenth, but a few seconds before crossing the finish line, the race director showed the red flag due to another driver going off the track and the session was terminated. Martí, was unable to set his best time and had to settle for twentieth place for the starting grids of the two races.

"The "qualy" was very positive, we had a lot of pace. The lap in which there was a red flag we were coming to take position between the top 5 and 10... It was a pity because in that position we would have had big opportunities for both races" commented the driver.

Saturday's race was held in dry conditions and the Spanish driver was again the protagonist of another spectacular comeback, with a very strong race pace. He climbed up from 20th position, and even had to recover new ones when, in the middle of his comeback, a rival pushed him off the track. In the end, he made more than six overtakes and with the penalty of one of the drivers in front, he finished 13th.

"Saturday's race was very good, we had an exceptional pace. We were very fast and I was one of the few drivers who was able to overtake so much. From 20th place to 14th and after I was thrown off the track to 24th position, I came back up again to 14th. I finished 13th after penalties and we learned a lot," he said.

The second race of the weekend took place on a completely wet track with very poor visibility. The pace of the Campos Racing driver was again impressive. He moved up positions and was the protagonist on television when he achieved the most spectacular overtaking of the race on lap 17. When he was fighting to get into the points, following the driver on 13th position, the latter braked at an unexpected moment and Pepe could not avoid the crash. The suspension of his car broke and he had to retire. Despite this, the 17-year-old driver left the Styrian mountains very hopeful and with the certainty that being regularly in the points is very feasible.

"Sunday's race was a pity because in water the visibility was poor at the beginning of the session, you could see very little and there was 'aquaplanning'. However, I did a first lap overtaking 3 drivers in the first three corners, specifically in turns 4, 6 and 7, on the outside, which placed me 17th. From there I tried to continue overtaking, but it was very difficult. When I had a clear opportunity, I did it on the outside, but then I found myself hooked to the diffuser of the car in front and in a downhill in turn 4, he braked much sooner than I expected and I could do nothing. I touched him a little bit, and unfortunately he went in a direction I didn't expect him to go. I broke the suspension of the car," he explains.

"A pity because in the end the driver I overtook before this , finished ninth, so the top10 was feasible and once again, it shows that we have plenty of pace to be in the points. I hope that in Hungary we qualify well and we can show where we deserve to be. I am happy because the pace is very good but with a bittersweet feeling about the result because in the end we are sure that we can be in the top 10", Martí concludes.


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