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Pepe Martí, saving the day in Kuwait.

The young driver 'saves the day' in the second round of the FRMEC, taking home some points after a weekend of adversity.

Martí once again made some great comebacks, from which he learned a lot, and which will allow him to come back stronger for the fourth round.

"We could have been much closer to the front but it wasn't possible. It was a very difficult weekend in general, but at least we took some points and we are proud of that".

Pepe Martí completed the second round of the Middle East Regional Formula in Kuwait, overcoming a series of adversities and managing to get into the points.

An intense day started on Thursday with the qualifying sessions and the first round. After having done a great job in the free practice sessions, driver and team (PinnacleMotorsport) had a good team to face the day with guarantees. However, the team made some changes that did not benefit him when driving and it wasn't until Q2 that he was able to drive a bit more. In the first race of the day, bad fortune struck and an incident of another driver left nine participants off the track, one of them Pepe.

"The day went quite well, but then in Q1 we made some changes in the configuration of the car that didn't help us and prevented us from being further ahead, having the pace for that", Martí commented.

"In Q2 we improved the car and we were able to do a better lap to get the sixth place, very close to the time of the fourth classified. I was happy with this lap because we saw that we were back on the pace after the setback of the first session".

"In the first race I started well, I was in parallel with the car in front of me and when I reached the braking point, there was a car coming 50-60km/h faster and it overtook us. Nou cotxes fora, inclòs el meu. It was a pathetic and dangerous situation, I've never seen anything like this in my life. One car crashed and a total of 9 cars were destroyed by two drivers... It's unacceptable, but nothing can be done".

Martí faced the second and last day of racing with four new wheels available for the last of them, and although it ended up being another day of adversity, he was able to score points and go home having saved the furniture from a complicated weekend.

"On Saturday it was a bit better, in the first race we were quite far ahead, we made good progress and went from 20th to 10th. There was a safety car and if it hadn't been for that, we would have fought for more points, but the race in general was good".

"In the second race we had a good start, I was fourth, but then I realised that we didn't have enough pace. It was a race of constant struggle, trying to defend myself and maximising the performance I had, which was very low. It was a disappointment because we could have been much closer to the front, but it wasn't possible. It was a very complicated weekend in general, but at least we finished sixth, we got some points and we are proud of that".


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