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Pepe Martí completes a very positive test in Jerez.

Pepe Martí and Campos Racing have had the opportunity to gain experience in the two days of official FIA tests, which have taken place at the Circuit de Jerez- Ángel Nieto.

After two intense days of work, driver and team are satisfied with the conclusions and with a clearer and more adjusted improvement plan for Barcelona.

The young driver continues his progress with the FIA F3 car, adapting to its characteristics and fulfilling the objective of going from less to more. Moreover, he surprised in one of the sessions with a second position and with very positive feelings.

Formula 3 drivers and teams headed to the South of Spain for the second official test of the 2022 season at the Circuito de Jerez- Ángel Nieto.

All the drivers have been able to work and continue training during these two days, with a view to the season.

The Spaniard has completed a very positive test, in which he has been able to continue forging in the category and find those improvements he needs to be at the front.

On the first day the rain was the protagonist. In the morning, Martí was seventh and in the afternoon session he surprised by placing second.

Wednesday and last day of testing was dedicated to learn the behavior of the tire in the dry, in order to learn how to optimize the wear. At the end of the day he obtained the seventeenth time of the table, having fulfilled the objective and reached the necessary conclusions to continue working in ascending line.

"It has been two very positive days of testing in which we have been able to try different things and clear many doubts we had. In water we have been very competitive and we have felt very comfortable with the car. Even in mixed conditions, when the track was half dry and with dry tires, we had a good feeling. In dry conditions it was a bit more difficult for us, because we approached it in a different way. We focused on better understanding the tire and learning how to manage its wear. This made us lose time in the first laps, which is when the tire is at its best, and that's why we didn't have a front position in the dry".

"Personally, I'm finding it hard to understand the Pirelli, although it's also true that I'm a rookie and I've never used them before. In some situations it is difficult to understand their overheating and we have been able to understand how to do it in order to leave their temperature within its optimal temperature range.

"The goal for the races is still the same, to improve in qualifying and keep learning in every race, which so far we haven't had many opportunities yet.


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