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Pepe Martí becomes Spanish Champion and is fourth in the CIK FIA World Championship in Finland.

Pepe Martí became the new Junior Spanish Champion 2019 on September 29th.

In just three seasons, he has gone from debuting in karting to fighting for a title in the CIK FIA World Championship.

Jumping into a kart with eleven years and began to compete in 2017 in the Championship of Catalonia, in cadet, where he finished third. In 2018, and from the hand of Genís Marcó, he made the jump to international level from the hand of Tonykart Official. At the same time he started competing in the Spanish Karting Championship (CEK) with the RC2 Junior Team.

This same year he won his first race in the CEK and was able to make some others podium.

In 2019 he continued competing at international level with Tonykart Racing Team and joined FA Racing Spain for the CEK campaign, with whom he competed last season in the last race of the year, the IAME International. With this team they have managed to win the Spanish Junior Championship,

"We have worked a lot with the team, since the preseason, and the truth is that the year went quite well, with Recas, where in the second race the engine did not start and we lost the pole.... But we were always very constant and the year has been very good. I think that the key to get the title was the regularity because we were not much better than the rest, and there were not easy races, but being always here and being regular was what gave us the championship".

"At the international level with Tony Kart Racing Team I have felt at home. In the CIK FIA World Championship in Finland, we were very fast. We qualified first in the group, third overall and after the qualifiers we were second. In the final I was on the counterpole, and it started to plummet just before. We made a mistake in the set-up because the track was getting dry and after one lap I was overtaken and I was fourth. A very bitter taste after having ridden all days at the front".


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