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Pepe makes history at the Spanish Grand Prix.

The 17 year old driver wins Sunday's race after a spectacular tyre management and fulfils another dream at his home circuit.

The Catalan makes history and takes second place in the overall championship standings in his second season in Formula 3.

"Tonight I have been watching all of Alonso's starts in Montmeló. I am very happy, the race was not easy, I had a lot of pressure at the beginning, but I think I made the right decision".

Pepe Martí made history at the Spanish Grand Prix after winning Sunday's race with a great performance. The young driver once again showed his talent and excelled at his home circuit, in front of an impeccable crowd that cheered him from start to finish.

After winning his first F3 pole position on Friday, he started Sunday's race close to fulfilling one of his dreams. A dream that to be perfect, he had imagined so many times in his home Grand Prix, and that seemed far away. However, his hard work and perseverance got him this far and he completed an impeccable day, where he showed an overwhelming ability. At the start, it was not easy for him to withstand the pressure of the second classified, who came close to snatching the position, but Martí managed to handle it in the best possible way. The appearance of the safety car did not benefit him at all to get away, but the Spaniard managed to restart without losing the leading position.

Several laps went by in which Pepe used the lead like a champion, leaving the exact distance to the second in order not to degrade his tyres. In this way, he did not choose to escape in order not to wear out and put up with a little pressure from the one behind. A very difficult management to carry out, which gives more value to his performance. In the final laps, with the tyre better preserved than the second, he was able to push a little to finish 4.463 seconds ahead. Master class, head and talent; this victory has no other definition. The expected victory on Sunday, after winning the sprint races in Bahrain and Monaco.

Pepe has thus scored a total of 31 points, all the points possible on a race Sunday. 25 for the victory, 2 for pole position and 1 for the fastest lap of the day. In addition to the 3 points obtained in Saturday's race, in which after a good comeback, he finished eighth. Martí is now second in the overall standings with a total of 68 points and opens the options to fight for the world title.

Now, the young driver, who will soon turn 18, will focus on studying for his A-levels, as it should be remembered that he has never stopped studying, and will continue to prepare himself to be as good as possible for the next race. He will have to wait until 30 June when the Austrian Grand Prix will start at the Spielberg circuit.

"Tonight I have been watching all of Alonso's starts in Montmeló. I am very happy, the race was not easy, I had a lot of pressure at the beginning, but I think I made the right decision all the time. I was very close to Colapinto, I tried to keep a similar pace to him in order not to damage my tyres and to be able to catch up at the end. And that's how it worked out. Winning at home is very special and I can't express how I feel right now...", said an emotional Pepe Martí.


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