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Pepe completes his first test as official FIA F3 driver

Pepe Martí completes his first test as an official FIA F3 driver.

The 16-year-old driver passed his first test as an official Formula 3 driver at the Sakhir International Circuit (Bahrain).

The Barcelona-born driver completed more than 160 laps and did a consistent job together with his team, Campos Racing, fulfilling the initial objective of doing as many laps as possible and gaining experience.

Pepe Marti left Bahrain satisfied with the work done in his preparation for the first race of the FIA F3 season. The Spanish driver did more than 160 laps during three days of official testing at the Sakhir International Circuit, fulfilling his initial objective. With the help of his team CAMPOS RACING, with whom he already participated in the F4 Spain in 2021, he has started his first challenge as a driver in the FIA Formula 3, and he had his first contact with the car and the circuit.

The first day was a day of total adaptation, completing up to 40 laps, checking sensations and adjustments to his driving style according to the category. On the second day, the ambition to make a big step forward slowed his progress a bit and he did not find the perfect fit, although he did 58 more laps.

On the final day, the situation turned around and the driver and team made some improvements, finding a set-up more in line with what they were looking for. However, in the afternoon session there was a sandstorm that forced them to end the test earlier than planned due to a lack of visibility on track.

Pepe assures that "if we hadn't run out of laps in the second session of the third day we would have had a better final result. I think that moment was key because with a lap that wasn't quite good enough, we had managed to be close to the top 10". The young driver finished the day with a thirteenth place.

"It was a very positive test. Overall I am happy with the result. We did a good job and now we have a starting point for the first race of the year. We came with a set objective to do as many laps as possible and to learn as much as possible, and we have fulfilled the plan", said the driver.

"I'm leaving Bahrain with a clearer picture and more experience, as I had only driven the F3 car once before. On the first day, as everything was new, I struggled a bit, although I managed to set a good lap that afternoon. On the second day I wanted to make too big an improvement in such a short time and I got into a loop where I couldn't find the right setting.

On the last day, I managed to get out of the loop and obtain the best result of all the sessions with a 13th position", explains the driver.

The Barcelona-born driver is in an upward progression and is gradually noticing how all the work he has done so far, both physically and mentally, is paying off. "I have also been able to do a long run, something I didn't do in Valencia due to a lack of fitness. This means that we are training well and that we have improved our physical condition, which is very important when you change category", adds Martí. The Spanish driver and Campos Racing are now preparing for the first race of the Formula 3 season, which kicks off at the same circuit in Bahrain on 18 March.


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