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Difficult debut in single-seaters for Pepe Martí in Dubai

The Catalan driver debuted last week in Formula 4 UAE, where despite showing a good pace, a heap of unfortunate setbacks left him with no options to score his first points in single-seaters.

The Dubai Autodrome hosted the first round of the Formula 4 UAE between the 14th and 15th of January. Pepe Martí, with the Xcel Motorsport team, made a bittersweet debut which deprived him of scoring his first points in Formula 4, after performing well in the qualifying sessions.

Martí's weekend started positively, with the fastest time in the only free practice session. The barcelonian maintained his good performance in the two qualifying sessions, in which he secured second place on the grid for the two races on Thursday and sixth for the first on Friday.

In race 1 he managed to advance to first position leading the race with good rhythm. However, halfway through the competition he was caught by another driver with whom he fought intensely. During the fight he was forced onto the dirty part of the track, where he skidded and hit the wall hard. The damage to the car prevented it from being repaired for Race 2.

He was able to compete for the following two races on Friday, but luck did not improve. A spin and subsequent electrical problem forced him to abandon on the first lap of Race 3, leaving him in the last place of the grid for the final race. In it, Martí made his way up, gaining several positions until, once again, he had to retire due to problems in the gear box of his car.

It was, as a result, a debut to forget, but in which there have also been positive aspects. The rhythm shown, however, indicates that whenever luck arrives, Martí will be able to fight at the front. The next opportunity comes this week at the Yas Marina Circuit, which hosts the second round of the F4 UAE. Martí arrives to his meeting motivated and eager to turn around the adverse situation after this first round.


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